Insecticide Pyridaben 97%TC Cas 96489-71-3

Diamethoate is a highly effective and broad-spectrum acaricide. It is low in toxicity to birds, but highly toxic to fish, shrimp, and bees. This pesticide has good effects on various stages of the life cycle of spider mites, and is also effective in preventing and controlling rust mites. It has a fast-acting and long-lasting effect, generally lasting for 1-2 months.CasNo: 96489-71-3

Formula: C19H25ClN2OS

Physical State: solid

Purity(%): 97%

Application: Agricultura

Color: White

Formulation:20% WP 15% EC and used to manufacturer more formulated product

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Pyridaben is also known as quickaben, upaben, and Altair. Pyridaben is a fast-acting broad-spectrum acaricide with moderate toxicity to mammals. Low toxicity to birds, high toxicity to fish, shrimp and bees. The agent has strong contact killing, no systemic, conduction and fumigation effects, and has good effects on various growth stages of spider mites (eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults); the control effect on rust mites is also good, with good quick-acting and long-lasting effects, generally up to 1-2 months.

Pyridaben belongs to the class of pyridazinone insecticides and acaricides. It has a strong contact type, but it has no fumigation, systemic and conduction effects. It mainly inhibits the synthesis of glutamate dehydrogenase in muscle tissue, nerve tissue and chromosome I of the electron transfer system, thereby exerting insecticidal and acaricidal effects.

Pyridaben is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency acaricide. It kills harmful mites by inhibiting the muscle tissue, nerve tissue and electron transfer of harmful mites. It is mainly contact-killing and has no systemic properties. It has a good control effect on adults, nymphs, larvae and eggs of harmful mites. It has good quick-acting properties, long-lasting effect, and low toxicity.

Features of Pyridaben

1. Pyridaben Pyridaben is an insecticide mixed with Pyridaben and Pyridaben, which has contact killing effect, good quick-acting effect and long-lasting effect.

2. It has a poisonous effect on different stages of mites (eggs, larvae, nymphs, adults) throughout the growth period, especially on the eggs of mites and pests in the moving stage.

3. No cross-resistance with commonly used acaricides, stable efficacy and not affected by temperature changes, safe for crops.

4. High activity, small particles, high suspension rate, good spreadability, strong adhesion and high efficacy.

Applications of Pyridaben

Pyridaben is a heterocyclic low-toxic insecticide and acaricide with a wide spectrum of acaricides. It has strong contact, no systemic, conduction and fumigation effects. It has obvious control effects on all plant-eating pests, such as panonychia, spider mites, epiphyllid mites, and claw mites. It is also effective in different growth stages of mites.

In my country, it is mainly used in fruit crops such as citrus, apple, pear, hawthorn, etc. It can also be used in vegetables (except eggplant), tobacco, tea, cotton, and ornamental plants. Pyridaben is widely used in the control of fruit tree pests and pest mites. However, it should be used under control in tea gardens for export.

It can be applied during the occurrence period of pest mites (in order to improve the control effect, it is best to use it when there are 2 to 3 heads per leaf on average), dilute 20% wettable powder or 15% emulsifiable oil to water to 50-70mg/L (2300-3000 times) and spray. The safe interval is 15 days, that is, the drug is stopped 15 days before harvest. However, the literature shows that the actual duration of validity should be more than 30 days.

How to use pyridaben

Pyridaben has been used for a long time, and pest mites have developed strong drug resistance. The compound use of insecticides and acaricides with different action mechanisms can not only expand the scope of control, but also improve the efficacy and delay the resistance of pest mites.

(1) Avi·Pyridaben: This formula is the classic formula of pyridaben, which makes up for the shortcoming of pyridaben without systemic absorption. It has strong permeability, has contact killing, stomach poisoning and fumigation effects, good quick-acting effect, and long-lasting effect. In the early stage of harmful mites, spray evenly with 10.5% Avi·pyridaben EC 1000 times, and have a good control effect on various stages of harmful mites such as red spiders, white spiders, and rust ticks on citrus, pear trees, apples and other fruit trees.

(2) Difuran · Pyridaben: Pyridaben and dinotefuran are used in combination, which has contact killing, stomach toxicity and systemic effects, and is an excellent formula for preventing and treating flea beetle. In the early stage of adult occurrence of cabbage flea beetle, 30-50 ml of 30% difuran·pyridaben suspension concentrate, mixed with 30 kg of water and sprayed evenly, has a good knockdown effect on red spider mite and flea flea beetle, and the duration of effect can reach more than 20 days.

(3) Tetrafen · Pyridaben: The mixture of tetrafen and pyridaben has a good control effect on eggs, nymphs, and adults. It is not sensitive to temperature and can be used in spring, summer and autumn. It can be sprayed with 2000-2500 times of liquid in the early stage of occurrence. It has a good effect on harmful mites such as spider mites and panonychia on fruit trees such as apples and citrus, and the duration of effect can reach 50 or 60 days.

Package of Pyridaben

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Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg

Supplier of Pyridaben

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