Insecticide Diazinon 96%TC Cas 333-41-5

Diazinon is a non-systemic broad-spectrum insecticide used to control a variety of piercing-sucking and leaf-eating pests. It is also used in soil to control subterranean pests and nematodes, and can be used to control external parasites of livestock and household pests such as flies, cockroaches, etc.

CasNo: 333-41-5

Formula: C12H21N2O3PS

Physical State: liquid

Purity(%): 96%

Application: Agricultura

Color: Pale Brown

Formulation:0.1% 5% 10%Granule 25% 50%EC and used to manufacturer more formulated product

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Diazinon is also known as Diazinon and Diazinon. Belongs to broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticides. It is miscible with ethanol, acetone and xylene, gradually decomposes in water or dilute acid, is stable in dilute alkali, decomposes quickly in strong alkali, and has strong volatility. Diazinon is an organophosphorus insecticide with high efficiency and low toxicity. It mainly kills the pests completely by inhibiting the synthesis of acetylcholinesterase in the pests. It can not only be used as a foliar spray to control various pests such as Lepidoptera and Homoptera, but also can be used for seed dressing and soil treatment to control underground pests.

Diazinon is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, low-residue organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide, which has contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and certain systemic effects. The agent can be widely used in various crops such as rice, wheat, cotton, citrus, etc. It has a good control effect on most pests, and the duration of the effect is as long as more than 30 days. It has low toxicity and is environmentally friendly.

Features of Diazinon

(1) Broad insecticidal spectrum.

Broad-spectrum insecticide, which has contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and certain systemic effects (very limited systemic absorption), and also has good acaricidal and ovicidal effects. It also has certain acaricidal and nematicidal activity. It has a good control effect on various pests such as Lepidoptera and Homoptera.

Diazinon granules can effectively control mole crickets, grubs, needleworms, cutworms, rice stem borers, rice leafhoppers, spodoptera moths, meadow borers, locusts, root maggots and other underground pests and eggs. It can also be used for corn cob loss and control of pests such as corn borer.

(2) The speed of killing insects is fast.

Diazinon has contact killing, stomach poisoning and fumigation effects. After being applied to the soil, pests can be killed in a variety of ways. Once the pests eat, the pests can be killed on the same day to reduce the harm of the pests. (

(3) Long duration:

Diazinon has good stability in the soil, is not easy to decompose, and can be dissolved in water. It can not only control the underground pests of the current season crops, but also effectively kill the eggs of other pests lurking in the ground, thereby reducing the occurrence of pests in the next crops.

(4) Low toxicity and low residue.

The leading varieties of soil treatment agents are 3911, phorate, carbofuran, aldicarb, chlorpyrifos and other highly toxic organophosphate granules. Due to high toxicity and large residue, they have been withdrawn from the market one after another. Diazinon is a low-toxicity soil treatment insecticide with little odor and no impact on human and animal life and safety during use. After use, it will not cause pesticide residues on crops, which fully meets the requirements of pollution-free agricultural production.

(5) High activity.

Diazinon granules contain stabilizers and high-efficiency additives, and the carrier is attapulgite, which is a new type of granule carrier in the world at present. It is produced by adsorption method, with high activity and small usage. The soil treatment only uses 400-500 grams per mu. It is an insecticide variety that replaces highly toxic pesticides in my country.

(6) Wide range of applications.

Diazinon granules have good stability and low toxicity, and can be widely used in wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, peanuts, green onions, soybeans, cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, ginseng and orchards.

Applications of Diazinon

Non-systemic broad-spectrum insecticide with certain acaricidal and nematicidal activities. Widely used in rice, corn, sugar cane, tobacco, fruit trees, vegetables, grass, flowers, forests and greenhouses to control a variety of irritating sucking and leaf-eating pests. It is also used in soil to control underground pests and nematodes, and can also be used to control domestic animal ectoparasites, flies, cockroaches and other household pests.

Broad-spectrum insecticide, with contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and certain systemic effects, and also has good acaricidal and ovicidal effects. To control rice borers and rice leafhoppers, use 50% EC 15-30g/100m2, spray 7.5kg of water, and the control effect is 90%-100%. To control cotton aphids, cotton red bee spiders, cotton thrips, and cotton leafhoppers, use 50% EC 7.5-12mL/100m2, spray evenly on water, and the control effect is 92%-97%. To control the underground pests of North China mole cricket and North China beetle, use 75mL of 50% emulsifiable concentrate, 3.75kg of water, 45kg of Chemicalbook seeds, and 7 hours of stuffing before sowing, or mix 37kg of wheat seeds, wait for the seeds to absorb the liquid, and then dry them before sowing. To control cabbage caterpillar and cabbage aphid, use 6-7.5mL/100m2 of 50% EC and spray evenly on 6-7.5kg of water. To control onion leaf miner, bean species fly, and rice gall midge, use 7.5-15mL/100m2 of 50% EC and spray evenly on 7.5-15kg of water. To control large black grubs, apply 2% granules 0.19kg/100m2 to holes. Be careful not to mix it with copper-containing fungicides and propanil.

How to use Diazinon:

(1) Spreading. Direct seeding crops such as wheat, corn, potatoes, peanuts, etc. can be combined with fertilization for site preparation. Use 1000-2000 grams of 5% diazinon granules per mu and mix with fine soil to spread evenly, and then sow the seeds. It can kill underground pests such as mole crickets, grubs, needleworms, cutworms, etc., and protect seeds and seedlings from being harmed by pests.

(2) Acupoint application. Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers and other vegetables for seedling cultivation and transplanting can be planted with 500-1000 grams of 5% diazinon granules per mu, mixed with 30-50 kilograms of fully decomposed organic fertilizer, and then applied in holes, which can quickly kill mole crickets, dayworms, grubs, cutworms and other underground pests, and prevent pests from harming the roots and stems of seedlings.

Package of Diazinon

We also supply some accessories to add more functions for end-users' convenience, which also help our distributors and business partners sell our products in their area. Any special package requirements, please don't be hesitate to tell us.

Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg

Supplier of Diazinon

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Molecular Weight




Melting Point

>120°C (dec.)

Boiling Point


Physical State



Pale Brown




25kg Cardboard barrel




Ventilation low temperature drying




2 years

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