Insecticide Indoxacarb Cas 144171-61-9

Indoxacarb was the first commercially available organophosphate insecticide.

CasNo: 144171-61-9

Formula: C22H17ClF3N3O7

Physical State: solid

Purity(%): 100fold

Application: Agricultura

Color: White

Formulation:30%WDG and used to manufacturer more formulated product

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Indoxacarb was the first commercially available oxadiazines insecticide.

Indoxacarb is a sodium ion channel blocking insecticide. It has two isomers, S and R, among which the S isomer is the active effective form, so we often see or hear people directly Say S body indoxacarb.

S body indoxacarb can act on pests through contact killing and stomach poisoning. When the medicinal liquid enters the pests, it will quickly transform into a special metabolite, which will irreversibly block the nerve impulses in the pests. Passing, causing the pests to lose control, paralyzed, unable to feed, and finally make the whole body of the pest stiff until death.

Features of Indoxacarb

(1) Wide insecticidal spectrum and good safety. Indoxacarb can effectively control various pests such as leaf tortrix, cabbage caterpillar, Spodoptera litura, cotton bollworm and tobacco budworm on crops such as rice, peanuts, tobacco, fruit trees, cruciferous vegetables, tea trees and ornamental plants. Indoxacarb is safe for crops, safe for non-target organisms such as beneficial insects in the environment, and has low residues, and is especially suitable for multiple-harvest crops such as vegetables. In addition, indoxacarb is also used as a sanitation insecticide for the control of cockroaches, fire ants and ants.

(2) No cross-resistance, good mixability. Due to the special insecticidal principle of indoxacarb, which is different from common pyrethroids, organophosphorus and carbamates and other insecticide products, it has not been found that indoxacarb is compatible with the above types of insecticides. Products are cross-resistant. At the same time, indoxacarb can be compounded with most insecticide products without antagonism or adverse reactions, thereby expanding the insecticidal spectrum and slowing down the occurrence of resistance. Common compounding solutions include indoxacarb and emamectin benzoate, indene Indoxacarb and abamectin, indoxacarb and chrysanthemum, etc.

(3) Good quick effect and long lasting effect. Indoxacarb exhibits insecticidal activity through contact killing and stomach poisoning. After contact with the liquid medicine or being eaten by pests, it usually stops feeding in about 3-4 hours, which plays a role in preventing further damage to crops by pests. However, due to its effect The characteristic is that the peak of dead insects will appear within 2-3 days. Some people also think that because they did not see the death of insects, they did not recognize the quick-acting properties of indoxacarb. If you want to speed up the rate of killing insects, you can also compound quick-killing products such as emamectin benzoate. Indoxacarb can be strongly adsorbed on the leaf surface, and it is not easy to decompose under strong ultraviolet light. It is resistant to high temperature and rain, and its effective period is about 12-15 days.

Applications of Indoxacarb

Indoxacarb was the first commercially available oxadiazines insecticide. Indoxacarb has excellent insecticidal activity against almost all important agricultural Lepidoptera pests such as cotton bollworm, tobacco bud moth, diamondback moth, cabbage caterpillar, beet armyworm, Trichoplusia nidus, blue armyworm, codling moth, etc. , It also has a certain effect on some homoptera and coleopteran pests such as small green leafhopper, potato leafhopper, green peach aphid, and potato beetle. Using high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to study the metabolism of Hc-labeled indoxacarb in lepidopteran insects, it was found that indoxacarb can be rapidly converted into N-desmethoxycarbonyl metabolites by lepidopteran insects. The conversion mainly occurred in the midgut and fat body, and could be inhibited by the esterase inhibitors paraoxon and defoliation, suggesting that the relevant catalytic enzyme might be an esterase. Further studies have found that the conversion of indoxacarb is different among different insects. Compared with non-lepidopteran insects, most of the lepidopteran larvae can quickly convert 90% of the indoxacarb in less than 4 hours after administration. Indoxacarb was transformed into DCJW, and compared with indoxacarb, DCJW was more effective in blocking the combined action potential of the abdominal motoneurons of Manduca sexta larvae. It was speculated that indoxacarb activated metabolic rate and its insecticidal activity in different insects It is related to selectivity, which is why indoxacarb has low toxicity to mammals and other non-target organisms.

Indoxacarb can be used to control most Lepidoptera pests on vegetables, fruit trees, melons, cotton, rice and other crops, such as diamondback moth, rice borer, cabbage caterpillar, core borer, Spodoptera litura, beet nightworm Moths, cotton bollworms, leaf rollers, silverfish moths, borers, etc., as well as leafhoppers, beetles, and fire ants, etc., can also control mosquitoes and other sanitary pests.

It has stomach poisoning and contact killing effect, no systemic, but has good permeability, the liquid will absorb on the leaf surface and penetrate into the mesophyll after contacting the plant leaf surface, and it is resistant to rain, but be careful in high temperature environment use. No mutual resistance with most insecticides.

Indoxacarb is a low-toxic insecticide, slightly toxic to mammals and birds, safe to natural enemies and crops, highly toxic to fish and bees, and highly toxic to silkworms.

Indoxacarb Compound Agent

If indoxacarb is used alone, the duration and quick effect may not be very good. However, it can be used in combination with other agents to increase the duration and quick effect of insecticide.

1. Avirindoxacarb: After the two are compounded, it has good quick-acting effect and long-lasting effect. The insects will die within 4-6 hours, and the dead insects will reach the peak within 18 hours. It can prevent Lepidoptera pests: rice leaf roll Borer, beet armyworm, Spodoptera litura, cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cotton bollworm, corn borer, leaf roller moth borer, etc.

2. Avi Indoxacarb: After compounding the two in Chemicalbook, the eggs of large and small insects will be killed, and the peak of dead insects will be reached 2-3 days after the application, which can control diamondback moth (hanging silkworm), core borer, and rice leaf roller wait.

3. Tefenhydrazine • Indoxacarb: After the two are compounded, they have contact and stomach poisoning effects, and have good control effects on highly resistant noctuid pests.

4. Biphenyl·Indoxacarb: After the two are compounded, they have stomach poisoning and contact killing effects, are resistant to rain erosion, and are specially used to prevent tea leafhoppers. Indoxacarb is compounded with many agents, such as chlorfenapyr, bifenthrin, thiamethoxam, and pyridaben.

Precautions for indoxacarb

1. It will take some time for the pests to die after they come into contact with the medicinal liquid or eat the leaves containing the medicinal liquid, but the pests have stopped feeding on the crops at this time and will not continue to do harm.

2. Try to use indoxacarb alternately with insecticides with different action mechanisms such as abamectin. It is recommended to use no more than 3 times on crops per season to avoid the occurrence of resistance.

Package of Indoxacarb

We also supply some accessories to add more functions for end-users' convenience, which also help our distributors and business partners sell our products in their area. Any special package requirements, please don't be hesitate to tell us.

Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg

Supplier of Indoxacarb

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Molecular Weight



Melting Point


Boiling Point

571.4±60.0 °C(Predicted)

Physical State







25kg Cardboard barrel




Ventilation low temperature drying




2 years

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