Insecticide Propargite 90%TC Cas 2312-35-8

This product is a broad-spectrum, highly efficient, and low-toxicity acaricide with contact and stomach poison effects, without penetration and systemic action. It has a good effect on young and adult mites, but a poor effect on eggs. It may cause phytotoxicity to some crops, but it is safe under normal dosage.

CasNo: 2312-35-8

Formula: C19H26O4S

Physical State: liquid

Purity(%): 90%

Application: Agricultura

Color: yellowish brown

Formulation:40% 57% 73%EC 30%Suspension agent and used to manufacturer more formulated product

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Propargite is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and low-toxicity acaricide. The original drug is a yellow-brown viscous liquid, which has contact and stomach poisoning effects, and has no penetration and systemic effects. It has good effect on juvenile nymphs and adult mites, but poor ovicidal effect. The application effect is good above 20°C, and the application effect is poor at low temperature. When used in high concentration and high temperature, it may cause phytotoxicity to some crops, but it is safe at the usual dose.

Applications of Propargite

Acetate is a broad-spectrum acaricide with stomach toxicity and contact effects. It has special effects on both nymphs and adults, but is harmless to natural enemies. It is suitable for the control of mites on cotton, fruit trees, tea trees and other crops. The LD50 of rats with acute oral toxicity is 2200mg/kg.

It is used for the control of mites on cotton, fruit trees, tea trees and other crops. For the control of citrus spider mite, rust mite, apple and hawthorn spider mite, spray with 2000-3000 times liquid of 73% EC; for the control of cotton spider mite, tea orange gall mite, and gall mite, spray with 1500-2000 times liquid.

The production method of propargite

Mix tert-butanol and sodium hydroxide, heat to 150°C, add 1,2-epoxycyclohexane dropwise within 1 hour, and keep the reaction at 150-160°C. After dropping, stir for half an hour, add xylene, cool to 100°C, neutralize with concentrated sulfuric acid, evaporate part of the xylene, take out the water generated by neutralization, and obtain the xylene solution of 2-cyclohexanol. Heat to 60°C, add thionyl chloride within half an hour, stir at 5-10°C for 2.5h, and place outside for 15h. Then evaporate the volatile substances under reduced pressure and heat to obtain 2-cyclohexyl chlorosulfonate. Finally, it was added to the mixture of propargyl alcohol, pyridine and xylene, stirred at 5-15°C for half an hour, the reactant was washed with water, the aqueous layer was extracted with ether, and post-treatment was performed to obtain dexafenate.

Package of Propargite

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Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg

Supplier of Propargite

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Molecular Weight




Melting Point


Boiling Point

454.45°C (rough estimate)

Physical State



yellowish brown




25kg Cardboard barrel




Ventilation low temperature drying




2 years

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