Herbicide Mefenacet 98%TC Cas 73250-68-7

Mefenacet is a chemical herbicide belonging to the phthaloanilide group, mainly used in transplanted rice fields, and is an inhibitor of cell growth and division of grass weeds. It can effectively prevent and inhibit gramineous weeds, has special effects on barnyard grass, and also has control effects on other annual weeds in paddy fields.

CasNo: 73250-68-7

Formula: C16H14N2O2S

Physical State: crystallize

Purity(%): 98%

Application: Agricultura

Color: White

Formulation: 4%Granule,and used to manufacturer more formulated product.

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mefenacet belongs to the phthaloanilide chemical herbicides, mainly used in transplanted rice fields, is an inhibitor of grass weed cell growth and division, can effectively control grass weeds, has special effects on barnyard grass, and is effective on rice fields It is also effective in controlling annual weeds, cattle felt, melon skin grass, Alisma, etc., and has excellent selectivity for transplanting rice fields. Rice is a key crop for development in my country. In order to ensure the high yield of rice and increase its yield per unit area, the use of excellent chemical herbicides is a crucial means.

Mode of action and mechanism of mefenacet

Mefenacet is an anilide herbicide, which is an inhibitor of cell growth and division. It has a particularly strong inhibitory effect on the division of mother cells. It has been observed that the drug works at the growth point of the plant in the quiescent phase and the metabolic phase of the cell reproduction cycle, and inhibits cell division and enlargement, thereby hindering the growth of barnyardgrass until death. The appearance symptoms of barnyardgrass treated with the drug are: the growth points of the stems, leaves and roots are abnormally hypertrophied, the leaf sheaths turn dark green, the growth of the plants is inhibited, and eventually the stems and leaves turn yellow and die. The withering time of barnyardgrass prolongs with the increase of leaf age.

Applications of mefenacet

Cytogenesis and division inhibitor, low toxicity. It is mainly used to control gramineous weeds. It is a highly active barnicide in paddy fields and can kill barnyard grass before it occurs to the three-leaf stage. Effective against annual weeds and fescue. It has good selectivity for transplanting rice, has quick effect from before emergence to early emergence, and lasts for more than 30 days. The method of application can be sprinkled with water. It is mainly used in transplanting fields and seedling throwing fields, and can effectively control grass weeds.

How to use mefenacet

In the transplanted paddy field, the pesticide is applied 3 to 10 days after transplanting (at the 2-leaf stage of barnyard grass) and 3 to 14 days (at the 3-leaf or 3.5-leaf stage of barnyardgrass). Dosage: 4% mefenacet granule 2-2.7 kg/mu. The effective dosage of barnyardgrass depends on the leaf age: 1.5 leaves, 2.5 leaves, 3.5 leaves, and 4 leaves are 33 grams, 67 grams, 100 grams, and 133 grams per mu of active ingredients. The maintenance time of the drug effect in the paddy field varies with the dosage: 30 days for 67 grams of active ingredient, 50 days for 100 grams, and 60 days for 133 grams. The solubility of this agent in water is only 4mg/l, and the soil has strong adsorption capacity and less penetration. Under normal paddy field conditions, most of the application amount is distributed within 1cm of the surface layer, forming a treatment layer. The growth of seedlings should not be in contact with this layer. mefenacet has excellent selectivity to transplanted rice. 50% mefenacet EC can also be used to control weeds in dry fields, and 8 kg per hectare can be used as pre-emergence soil surface treatment for weeds. Chickweed has good control effect.

mefenacet control object

This product is mainly used for transplanting rice fields. It can effectively control grass weeds and has special effects on barnyard grass. Barnyard grass can be killed before it occurs to the 3-leaf stage.

Package of mefenacet

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mefenacet original drug



Molecular Weight




Melting Point


Boiling Point

441.0±47.0 °C(Predicted)

Physical State











Ventilation low temperature drying




2 years

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