Herbicide MCPA SODIUM 98%TC Cas 3653-48-3

MCPA SODIUM is often used as a herbicide in combination with other ingredients.

CasNo: 3653-48-3


Physical State: Powder

Purity(%): 95%

Application: Agricultura

Color:Dark Brown

Formulation:13%Liquid ,56%Powder and used to manufacturer more formulated product

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MCPA SODIUM is often used as a herbicide in combination with other ingredients. If MCPA SODIUM is inhaled, move the patient to fresh air; in case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing, rinse skin thoroughly with soap and water, and seek medical attention if discomfort occurs; in case of eye contact, contact the doctor Separate the eyelids, rinse with running water or normal saline, and seek medical attention immediately; if swallowed, rinse mouth immediately, prohibit vomiting, and seek medical attention immediately.

Applications of  MCPA SODIUM 

1. Prepare a pesticide aqueous suspension containing a combination of MCPA SODIUM and bromoxynil octanoyl. It mainly consists of dimethyl tetrachloride sodium salt, octanoyl bromoxynil, wetting and dispersing agent, tetramethylbenzene mixture 1500# and water, wherein the wetting and dispersing agent is composed of castor oil polyether, ethylene oxide propylene oxide block, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether and calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate. The purpose is to make the pesticide aqueous suspension of the combination of dimethyltetrachloride sodium salt and octanoylbromoxynil have good stability and high suspension rate, and crystallization, stratification and solidification are not easy to occur after cold storage and heat storage. Compared with the existing technology, it is more environmentally friendly and safe to use. The compound complements the singleness and drug resistance of the two single agents. It has good adhesion on the plant surface and is resistant to rain erosion. Compared with other formulations, it has a wide weeding spectrum and anti High efficacy, better and longer lasting effect.

2 Preparation of a herbicide composition containing oxaziclozone and MCPA SODIUM. It contains active ingredients oxaziclozone and MCPA SODIUM, wherein the weight ratio between oxaziclozone and MCPA SODIUM is 99:1 to 1:99, preferably 15:1 to 1:15 . The cumulative amount of oxaziclozone and MCPA SODIUM is 0.1%-82% of the total weight of the composition, preferably 2%-20%. The herbicide composition of the present invention has reasonable components, and the control effect is superior to the activity of each component when applied alone. It has a synergistic effect, expands the control spectrum of weeds, and controls grasses, sedges and broadleaves in paddy fields with one application. Weeds, reduce the frequency of spraying, reduce control costs, slow down the emergence of weed resistance, good safety for crops, and meet the safety requirements of pesticide preparations.

3. Prepare a herbicide composition containing caprylic acid and MCPA SODIUM. The main active ingredients of the herbicide composition include caprylic acid and MCPA SODIUM. The dosage form of the herbicide composition of the present invention can be any dosage form permitted on pesticides. The herbicide composition of the present invention expands the herbicidal spectrum, has better effects on broad-leaved grasses and grass weeds, and shows a good synergistic effect within a certain proportion range, and the herbicidal effect of the composition is better than that of a single agent There is a certain improvement, while reducing the residue of herbicides, and also alleviated the potential threat of herbicides to the ecological environment.

4 Prepare a herbicidal composition containing pelargonic acid, which contains active ingredients pelargonic acid, glufosinate-ammonium, MCPA SODIUM; The mass ratio is 5:1~30:1~5, preferably 5:5~20:1~5; 5% to 80% of the total mass, and the rest are pesticide adjuvants, and its dosage form is one of dispersible oil suspension concentrate, water dispersible granule, and wettable powder; it can be used to prevent weeds in non-cultivated land. The herbicidal composition of the present invention has a synergistic effect on barnyard grass and retroverted amaranthus, thereby reducing the amount of pesticides used.

5. Prepare a cornfield herbicide composition, which is characterized in that it includes stable and effective sodium tetrachloride and nicosulfuron, and the weight parts of their effective components are 80:1 to 1:80. The composition combines the advantages of MCPA SODIUM and nicosulfuron in one, and can be sprayed in the whole field at the 2-6 leaf stage of corn and 2-5 leaf stage of weeds, and is safe for corn and next crops. Broad-leaved weeds and Cyperaceae weeds are better and faster to control, and it also has a better control effect on Grass weeds, making up for the shortcomings of the traditional type of cornfield herbicides with a narrow weeding spectrum, and can control corn at one time Various grasses, broad-leaved and sedge weeds in the field, and the weeding effect is better, saving time and effort. When using, mix the two substances, and prepare them now for better effect.

How to use MCPA SODIUM

MCPA SODIUM is suitable for paddy fields. 7-15 days after rice transplanting, barnyard grass cotyledon stage, use 100-120 grams of active ingredients of this agent per mu, spread on poisonous soil, irrigate shallow water layer after application, and Keep it for 3-4 days.

Package of MCPA SODIUM

We also supply some accessories to add more functions for end-users' convenience, which also help our distributors and business partners sell our products in their area. Any special package requirements, please don't be hesitate to tell us.

Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg


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Molecular Weight




Melting Point


Boiling Point

417.0±55.0 °C(Predicted)

Physical State



Dark Brown




25kg Cardboard barrel




Ventilation low temperature drying




2 years


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