What is the use of Monosultap insecticide?

What is insecticide Monosultap?

Monosultap is one kind of safe efficient and broad-spectrum insecticide, with stomach-poisoning, touch-poisoning, systemic and fumigation function.Cas 29547-00-0Mainly used in controlling rice snout moths larva, and eggs, is a nerve poison.As a bionic pesticide monosultap can effectively control rice stem borer, rice borer, rice leaf roll borer, and has a good control effect on rice leafhoppers, lice, rice blight, fruit tree aphids, etc. The insecticide is an ideal agent.

Monosultap is a broad-spectrum insecticide used in agricultural production to control stem borers in rice fields.Monosultap is widely used to control rice diseases and prevent infestations by insects and pests.been widely used as a pesticide to control stem borer. Monosultap is a competitive inhibitor of acetylcholine which has effects of contact killing and stomach toxicity by systemic transmission in field pests and can control the larvae of lepidopteran pests. Monosultap has lower resistance than other insecticides that aim at controlling Asiatic rice borer, which is one of the major rice pests in China. The control of the rice leaf folder mainly relies on the long-term application of Monosultap, which is minimally toxic to the insect rice leaf folder.

What is the use of Monosultap insecticide?

Monosultap is an analytical method that can be used to measure the insecticidal activity of a chemical pesticide. It is a dispersive solid-phase extraction technique that uses surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate and anhydrous sodium chloride as solvents. Monosultap is used for the detection and quantification of monosodium salt, which is insecticide found in kidney beans. The synergic effect of monosultap has been shown to increase the effectiveness of insecticides when combined with other pesticides.

Monosultap control of motile stages of mites, leaf miners, suckers, Colorado beetles, etc. on ornamentals, cotton, citrus fruit,pome fruit, nut crops, vegetables, potatoes, and other crops. Also used for control of fire ants.Control of various Lepidopterous insects.

Monosultap is a broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach, contact and systemic effects, and has smoke and egg killing activity. It can control various Lepidopterous insects like pink rice insects, Asian rice insects, rice field drills, rice leaf roller moths, rice captains, thrips, leafhoppers, herbivorous insects, armyworms, beetles, whiteflies, cabbage worms, cabbage net worms, stripes Cabbage AEA beetle, three spots plusia, and plant bugs such as rice, corn, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, soybeans, sugar cane and other crops.

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What is the usage insecticide Monosultap

Monosultap was an insecticide of sarcotoxins. Acetylcholine competitive inhibitor with strong contact, stomach and translocated toxicity, and good at preventing and controlling the larvae of Lepidoptera pests; mainly used to prevent and control sugarcane and paddy pests; prevents and controls Sesamia inferens (Walker), Chilo suppressalis, tryporyza incertulas, and Susumia exigua (Butler).

Monosultap is a broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach, contact and systemic action as well as fumigant and ovicidal activity. Control of various Lepidopterous insects, e.g. pink rice borer, Asiatic rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice plant skipper, thrips, leafhoppers,plant hoppers, armyworm, beetles, whitefly, cabbage worm,cabbage webworm, stripedcabbage AEA beetle, threespotted plusia, and plant bugs in rice, maize, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, soybeans,sugar cane, and other crops.

How to apply insecticide Monosultap

Monosultap a broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach, contact and systemic effects. It has fumigation and ovocidal activity and can control sucking insects, including springworms, aphids, forage thrips and whitefly on rice, leaves and plants. It is also effective against soil insects, termites and some kinds of biting insects such as rice, water weevil and Colorado beetle.

Monosultap are analogues of synthetic silkworm toxins, which are rapidly converted into silkworm toxins or dihydrosilkworm toxins when they enter insects. Monosultap is a competitive inhibitor of acetylcholine. It has strong contact killing, stomach poisoning and internal absorption conduction, and has good control effect on the larvae of Lepidoptera pests. Monosultap it is a bionic pesticide with little influence on natural enemies, no resistance, no residue and no pollution to the environment. Monosultap it is an ideal pesticide for comprehensive pest control. The pesticide can effectively control a variety of pests on rice, vegetables, wheat, maize, tea, fruit trees and other crops, especially for rice leaf roller, Chilo suppressalis and Chilo suppressalis. It is less toxic to fish but more toxic to silkworm.which is used to control borers.

Monosultap control of various Lepidopterous insects,e.g.pink rice borer, Asiatic rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice plant skipper, thrips, leafhoppers, plant hoppers, armyworm, beetles, whitefly, cabbage worm, cabbage webworm, striped cabbage AEA beetle, three-spotted plusia, and plant bugs in rice, maize, vegetables, fruit trees, tea,soybeans, sugar cane, and other crops.

How it works insecticide Monosultap

The mode of action of monosultap involves inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the nervous system of pests. By inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, monosultap disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system in pests, leading to paralysis and ultimately death.

Monosultap is available in various formulations, including liquid concentrates, wettable powders, and granules. These formulations allow for different methods of application, such as foliar spraying, soil drenching, or seed treatment, depending on the target pest and the specific crop being treated.

Insecticide Monosultap price

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Refining method of monosultap insecticide Monosultap

Dissolve 1.25 tons of monosultap crude product in 2000L of 60% methanol aqueous solution to obtain a mixed solution, wherein the mass content of monosultap in the crude monosultap is 85%. The above mixed solution was crystallized and centrifuged to obtain mother liquor and crystals. The above-mentioned crystals were dried to obtain 800 kg of monosultap fine product with a mass content of 98% and a yield of 90%.

Toxicology insecticide Monosultap

1)Oral:acute oral LD50for male rats 451, male mice 89.9, female mice 90.2mg/kg

2)Skin and eyes: not irritating to skin and eyes(rabbits)

3)Other:not mutagenic, not teratogenic, not carcinogenic

4)Fish:TLM(48h)for carp 9.2mg/L

5)Worms: toxic to silkworms

What is the impact on the environment insecticide Monosultap?

Monosultap is low residual, low toxic pesticide, is safe for the environment. Monosultap can degradation in soil, the half life was 69.3, 35.5, 6.0, 4.1 days in red soil, black soil, yellow brown soil, and tidal soil. Degradation study of Monosultap in agricultural soils, water and plants was conducted. In these studies Monosultap was was degraded rapidly in the water and soil, and the half-life was 0.83 days and 0.90 days respectively. Degradation in plant was slower, the half-life was 2.72 days. The biodegradable degradation of soil microorganisms is the main factor. The light degradation is fast and at high temperature conditions of summer, there are obvious photolysis after 8-10 h of light. Chemical hydrolysis of Monosultap is relatively slow, belongs to non-water solution pesticide. The water solubility of the insecticide was large. The adsorption study of 5 soil soils, soil column leaching test, simulate the ecological system test and field test was conducted, the result showed that Monosultap has high leaching ability. Monosultap has some possibilities of accumulation in fish, but easy to discharge and metabolic, When not contact with the pesticide, the concentration of Monosultap in fish decreases rapidly. So Monosultap shows no potential for bioaccumulation. When aquatic animals were exposure to low concentrations of Monosultap for long time. toxic symptoms were observed.