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Microbial Fungicides Pyraclostrobin 98%TC Cas 175013-18-0

Pyraclostrobin are mitochondrial respiratory inhibitors that have protective, therapeutic, and curative effects on crop diseases. They are highly efficient, broad-spectrum, low-toxicity, environmentally safe and friendly, and can also be used for seed treatment.


Formula: C19H18ClN3O4

Physical State: powder

Purity(%): 98%

Application: Agricultura

Color: White to light beige

Formulation:25%EC 50%WDG 30%Suspension agent and used to manufacturer more formulated product

Pyraclostrobin and pyraclostrobin are methoxyacrylate broad-spectrum fungicides and mitochondrial respiration inhibitors, which have protective, therapeutic and radical effects on crop diseases. Safe and friendly. Pyraclostrobin single agent and many mixtures have been registered on more than 150 crops in more than 60 countries. The active ingredient is effective against a variety of pathogenic bacteria in cereals, citrus, cotton, grapes, bananas, peanuts, soybeans, sugar beets, vegetables, sunflowers and lawns.

Features of Pyraclostrobin

Bactericidal broad-spectrum has good activity against almost all fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew, leaf blight, downy mildew, blight, etc., which is more important for the prevention and control of blight

The combination of prevention and treatment has protective and therapeutic effects, and has good penetration and systemic effects. It can be used in stem and leaf spray, water surface application, and seed treatment.

It has good compatibility and can be compounded with a variety of medicaments. It has good compounding effect with difenoconazole, disenlian, dimetholine, etc., and it also has synergistic effect.

Plant health care, stress resistance and yield increase Increase the activity of nitrate and nitrate reductase, thereby improving the absorption of nitrogen in the rapid growth stage of crops. At the same time, it can reduce the biosynthesis of ethylene, thereby delaying the senescence of crops.

With high selectivity, it is safe for crops, humans, animals and beneficial organisms, and basically has no pollution to the environment.

Applications of Pyraclostrobin

It is a broad-spectrum fungicide. It inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol, has protective and eradicating effects, and has significant control effects on various crop Ascomycetes and Deuteromycetes diseases. It can be used to prevent and control many diseases on the stems, leaves and ears of cereal crops, such as powdery mildew and leaf spot. The concentration of seed treatment is 200-400mg active ingredient/L, and the foliar spraying is 0.3-1.0kg/hm2. This product can also be used for many pathogenic bacteria of fruit trees, vegetables, mushrooms, turf and ornamental plants. Fruit trees and vegetables are sprayed before harvesting, the recommended concentration is 20-50g/100L, and the amount of impregnation after harvesting is 250-1000mg/L. It can be mixed with various fungicides, insecticides and herbicides.

Risk of pyraclostrobin resistance

One of the main ways to solve resistance is to use pre-mixed mixtures to market.

The ingredients of the premix are: disenlian, dimethomorph, boscalid, econazole, flufenapyramide, dicyanoanthraquinone, metconazole, and fenconazole.

Principles when choosing a mixture

First, to meet the asset management needs of products such as pyraclostrobin and extend its life cycle

The second is to reduce the use of single agents and delay drug resistance. At the same time, using different mechanisms of action can also delay product resistance

Third, it is possible to expand the scope of application of pyraclostrobin and expand its bactericidal spectrum through mixing

Fourth, through fungicides such as triazoles and amides, their systemic properties can be improved, allowing farmers to use drugs with a longer window and making them more convenient to use

Fifth, as a mixing object for new compounds, prolonging the life cycle of compounds. In the future fungicide market, new products will appear more in the form of meeting mixtures, and will rarely appear in the form of single agents.

How can pyraclostrobin be compounded

Pyraclostrobin + Disenlian

It has the triple functions of preventing the invasion of germs, preventing the spread of germs and eliminating germs in the body. It is used to prevent and control various diseases of melons, fruits and vegetables. After use, it can help improve the physiological activity of crops, delay aging, and ensure yield and quality. And it does not contain manganese ions, so it will not cause manganese ion poisoning of crops. Before the onset or at the initial stage of medication, the medication should be applied continuously at intervals of 7-8 days.

pyraclostrobin + difenoconazole

Difenoconazole is an inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration, inhibits the biosynthesis of cell wall sterols, and has protective, therapeutic, and leaf osmotic conduction effects. Pyraclostrobin + difenoconazole has a good control effect on anthracnose, and it is also effective against powdery mildew, downy mildew, blight, spotted leaf spot, leaf spot, scab, shaft rot, Diseases such as brown spot have a strong control effect, and have protective and therapeutic effects at the same time.

pyraclostrobin + propineb

Propineb is a broad-spectrum, quick-acting protective fungicide. It works by inhibiting the oxidation of pyruvate in pathogenic bacteria. It has special effects on cucumber downy mildew. It can be used in the early stage of cucumber downy mildew to prevent the whole plant Spray, when spraying, spray both the front and back sides of the leaves, and the spray is even.

pyraclostrobin + zinc thiazole

Combination of pyraclostrobin and bactericide zinc thiazole. It has strong permeability, good systemic absorption, strong adhesion, and has protection against fungal and bacterial diseases such as canker, leaf blight, scab, soft rot, downy mildew, anthracnose, and leaf spot And therapeutic effect, and induce crops to produce disease resistance, long-lasting effect, good effect.

pyraclostrobin + tebuconazole

The combination of pyraclostrobin and tebuconazole has preventive, protective and therapeutic effects on various diseases. Strong adhesion, long duration, resistant to rain erosion. It has protective and therapeutic effects on scab, powdery mildew, root rot, blight, scab, leaf spot, sheath blight and other diseases.

Package of Pyraclostrobin

We also supply some accessories to add more functions for end-users' convenience, which also help our distributors and business partners sell our products in their area. Any special package requirements, please don't be hesitate to tell us.

Large Package:

Solid: 25Kg UN approved fiber drums with LDPE liner;

Liquid: 200L UN approved HDPE or iron drums.

Retail Package:

Solid: 10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg

Supplier of  Pyraclostrobin

Agripestcide is a professional pesticide chemical manufacturer provides high quality and effective Pyraclostrobin with high quality and good service. If you are looking for    Pyraclostrobin in bulk, feel free to contact us to get the latest price.





Molecular Weight




Melting Point


Boiling Point

501.1±60.0 °C)

Physical State



White to light beige




The net weight of the drum is 25 ± 0.2 kg or as required by the user




Store in a ventilated, cool, dry place, sealed storage




2 years

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